What are my chances of having a baby at 40

Options such as condoms and oral contraception have meant fewer teenage pregnancies, as well as couples being able to delay having a family until they are financially stable enough to support a child.
Before the advent of birth control, it has been reported that it was not uncommon for mothers to continue having children until into their 40s, often when they were already grandmothers. Other studies undertaken have shown that fertility rates for a woman in her mid-to-late 30s are very similar to those of a woman in her mid-to-late 20s. Experts do say that fertility does naturally decrease with age, and that this does have some effect on your chances of getting pregnant after 40.

However, for those struggling to get pregnant after 40, there are many options available for health professionals to help improve their chances.
However, there are increased reports in the media of women well into their 40s who are having children for the first time. This is encouraging for women who have been led to believe that by this age they are unlikely to conceive naturally. This can be greatly reassuring to women panicking about not having been able to have a child before a certain age.

A fertility coach specialising in natural health can offer solutions to adjust your lifestyle in order to improve your chances of getting pregnant after 40.

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