What are my chances of getting pregnant at 50

If you’ve already spent years trying to conceive, you’ve gone through countless medical fertility treatments, you have unexplained infertility, and you’re going through or are about to start your first round of IVF, sometimes it can feel just like that.
As a woman, you never thought you would have difficulty conceiving, but now it seems like no matter what you try, you can’t get pregnant. Then keep reading because I’m going to share with you the amazing fertility secret that transformed my whole life – body, mind, and spirit – and has the power to increase your chance of getting pregnant by 50%! Working with Zahra, I discovered that our unexplained infertility, struggles with painful and irregular periods, and other reproductive issues are a symptom of a deeper problem. Well, I’m happy to tell you that mind-body treatments have been proven to both reduce the “psychological distress” you’re experiencing AND increase pregnancy rates by 55%! This 5-week program created by Zahra Haji, Mind-Body Fertility Coach and creator of the #1 fertility yoga practice for women trying to conceive, will prepare your mind, body, and soul for a successful pregnancy through IVF.

One-day virtually guided retreat with the Moon Goddess fertility yoga and meditation practice and the Body Prayer guided visualization and workbook (BONUS)Discover how to craft a body prayer of your own that will help you bring about a positive pregnancy. 2-hour introductory Skype sessionAt this first session, you’ll review the body prayer you created and rewrite it with Zahra to capture what you want to achieve.
Access the subconscious mind and begin healing and conceiving the possibility of your pregnancy before your body can conceive in reality.
And there are countless women struggling with infertility issues that doctors simply have no explanation for.
She has designed this program specifically for women like you in their 30s to mid-40s who are undergoing the stressful and difficult IVF process. You’ll create “releasing statements” to let go of damaging beliefs and replace them with “power statements” and affirmations that are healing and help you move out of the darkness of negativity and into the light of possibility.

I spent so much time and money on medical treatments for what I believed to be a physical problem of unexplained infertility. As a woman who is used to getting things done, both in the workplace and at home, I felt like I could fix this problem by trying harder.

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