Week by week pregnancy photos

If you are eager to have a look at some external signs of pregnancy showing on your tummy, get ready to be disappointed. Though your uterus has doubled up in its size by week 7, you cannot see any signs of growing uterus or baby from outside.
The sonographer can do an accurate assessment of your pregnancy to predict gestational age of the embryo growing in your womb. At this stage the embryo is going through the defining characteristics of development which is unique to the specific week.At fetal stage, it is not that easy to guess the gestational age of the fetus since by then, individual genetics would have taken over the growth which may differ from one individual to other. Apart from predicting the due date, a scan in 7th week of pregnancy can reveal certain things about your pregnancy which you should know.
The pregnancy hormones allow your breast to reach their maximum size.Unfortunately they also make your breasts tender and sensitive.

Though you may have faced the problems earlier, heartburn and indigestion becomes a regular feature during your pregnancy.Keep an eye on what and when you eat. At this stage you will go through the ovulation, fertilization, germinal period and implantation stage of your pregnancy.
In the 3rd week of pregnancy, unknown to you, your uterus is enthusiastically getting ready for the baby. Though all these procedure takes place even without you knowing you are pregnant, without any overt signs or symptoms; you should know that this is very crucial period in the life of your baby. Corpus luteum plays a important role in the beginning and last stages of pregnancy.There is rise in the production of progesterone which is very important for the safe progress of your pregnancy. In case there is no pregnancy, this would be the time when the levels of progesterone will start to decline which will cause the endometrium to degenerate and flush out as menstruation.The hormone progesterone is responsible for the growth and development of your baby in the uterus.

Your baby just reached the first ever milestone of her development.There are two more weeks left before the zygote (your baby) will be referred to as an embryo, but the zygote has the entire required DNA derived from both partners. Along with the nutrients, everything you experience physically, mentally and emotionally enters your womb.Anything and everything that you do during the 38 weeks after conception will play a huge part in the physical, intellectual, neurological and emotional development of the baby.

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