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A 90-minute water birth workshop is held on the first Wednesday of every month at City Hospital and on the fourth Wednesday of every month at QMC. If you are expecting a normal labour and birth, but do not want to have a homebirth, you can choose to have your baby at Aylesbury birth centre. Our modern birth centre was fully refurbished in 2009 and is run by a dedicated team of highly qualified and professional midwives and midwifery care assistants who provide personalised care for you and your baby.
Women who choose to have their baby at a birth centre are less likely to have intervention during labour and report a greater satisfaction with the care that they receive.

Tours of the birth centre and labour ward are run regularly by a group of trained volunteers. In labour, water can be a wonderful form of pain relief and is a calm and relaxing way to birth your baby.
They offer the reassurance of having all the necessary support on hand during labour and birth as well as a comfortable and homely environment with the latest birthing aids available. The centre has access to aromatherapy oils, CD players, birthing balls, cushioned mats and birthing stools to help you be as comfortable as possible throughout your labour and birth.

Birthing pools are available for you to use during labour and all our midwives are fully trained in water births should you choose to remain in water when you have your baby.

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