Wanting to get pregnant

Track yourself for two months, and you’ll get a sense of about how many days after your period starts that you ovulate.
The key to feeling relaxed about it is to get as much information as you can and then start charting. If it's not, get The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex--and find out what you've been missing. Join over 23,000 people who receive my monthly marriage newsletter--and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, 36 Tips to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage.
FAM (the Fertility Awareness Method) can be used to achieve pregnancy, prevent pregnancy, or even just help you get to know your body better.

I mean, if there is no biological reason, I’m a firm believer in just saying yes to sex and if you fall pregnant, learning to overcome whatever emotional issue there is surrounding not wanting to fall pregnant.
If a man would insist on not using birth control knowing a pregnancy could seriously deform or kill his baby or wife, then it has to be ok to simply say no to sex altogether.
If you are trying to get pregnant, here are important things to know about your ovulation day to get pregnant. But I just am not prepared to be pregnant right now, and so I’m going to have say no on these days. You can only get pregnant when the egg is viable, and that’s roughly 3-7 days a month.

Now many of these sites are trying to help you get pregnant, but the principle is the same. Thus, there are only about 4 days of a woman’s cycle where she can get pregnant (3 days before ovulation to 1 day after). If this is the case in your marriage, then having some discussions with him is in order, and if that isn’t getting anywhere, talking to a third party to help you work this out is likely in order, too.

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