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For women who want a reliable and effective birth control method that they don’t have to worry about, Depo Provera is often that method. The only problem with Depo Provera as a form of birth control is that it can sometimes take a very long time to get out of the body. Most women are able to get all of the Depo Provera out of their system within twelve months, but in some cases it is longer. Unfortunately, some women also experience very irregular periods when going off of the Depo Provera shot. Another problem that some women find with trying to get pregnant after the Depo Provera shot is weight gain. The sad truth is that there is no real way to rush the Depo Provera and get it out of your system. If you want to get pregnant after going off of the Depo Provera shot, your best bet will be to seek advice from your doctor in order to get pregnant as fast as possible while bypassing any side effects.
Ive been off the depo shot for 4 months,ive gotten my periods regularly.me and my bf are trying to have a baby.
Depo-Provera is a popular form of birth control, given in a shot form, once every 3 months. Depo-Provera works by preventing the formation of uterine linings, therefore preventing regular menstruation. Many women who take Depo-Provera for an extended amount of time stop having periods all together. Usually Depo-Provera is a better choice for women who do not wish to become pregnant anytime soon. I got my depo in January 2015 and I got off my depo shot in May 22, 2015 and I don’t see my cycle at all. I been on depo for 9 months and I have now been off depo for about 3 months and I have gotten my period. I got my last depo shot on May 2015 I’ve gotten my period in august 2015 for 8 days like a regular period. The Depo Provera birth control shot is a great option for women who are looking for a long term form of birth control without having to take a pill every single day. Getting pregnant after depo can sometimes be difficult because the shot stays in a woman’s system for so long after it is injected. The best course of action if you want to conceive after Depo is to plan ahead and try to stop your shot before you are ready to try to conceive, so that the hormones from the shot will have enough time to get out of the system.

One of the other things that can make conceiving more difficult after Depo is the fact that going off of Depo can cause periods to be erratic. When it comes to getting pregnant after Depo, there is really no way to get it out of your system. However, when women decide they want to stop their Depo Provera shot and get pregnant, they sometimes can experience trouble doing so. Of course, every woman is different, and the amount of time that it will take Depo Provera to get out of the body is different for every woman.
This can make it very difficult to know when a woman is ovulating and therefore can make it very hard to get pregnant. The Depo shot is notorious for causing weight gain, and if a woman gains too much weight while on the shot, it can be very difficult for her to get pregnant once she goes off of the shot. For women who use Depo as a form of contraception, find out how long it takes to get pregnant after stopping the injections. One of the benefits of Depo-Provera is that you only get the injections four times a year, making it much easier to remember than taking a pill every day. While this is a great thing when you are trying to prevent pregnancy, when you decide it is time to start a family, it could cause a few issues. Since a missed period is usually the first sign of pregnancy, this can be a real problem for women who are trying to start a family. It will take up to two years from the date of your last Depo-Provera shot for your chances of getting pregnant to get back to that of a woman who has never had the shot. If you think that you might want to become pregnant soon, the contraceptive pill might be a better choice for you.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
The Depo Provera shot is only given four times per year, so women do not have to worry every day about birth control. If a woman gains too much weight on Depo, she can have a hard time getting pregnant once she goes off the shot.
Some women experience no periods at all, even after stopping the Depo shot, and some women have very heavy or erratic periods.
Decide when you want to conceive, and go off of the Depo Provera shot in plenty of time to get it out of your system before conceiving.
Well last week i realized my cycle was about a week late and unexpected I am 5weeks pregnant!!!!

Depo-Provera is also usually tolerated very well by patients who can not take oral birth control pills for a number of reasons. Since Depo-Provera is administered in a shot form once every three months, it’s effects are much more long-lasting than an oral pill. Depo-Provera can make it very hard to calculate when you will be ovulating, and therefore harder to know when you will get pregnant. So, basically, four months after stopping the shot, your chances will start to increase, and it can take up to two years for your chance of getting pregnant to be at the same level as it was pre-Depo. If you know that you do not want to become pregnant for several years, Depo-Provera is a good choice. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! However, some women worry about having trouble after they go off of the Depo shot when they are ready to conceive. Some women get pregnant right away after Depo, but other women find that the shot stays in their system for up to one year, and sometimes even longer. This can make it difficult to know when a woman is ovulating, and this can cause difficulties in getting pregnant.
It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before you go off of the Depo shot so that you can know what to expect, and that your doctor can be aware of your plans. The effects of one Depo-Provera shot can last up to eight months after the shot is administered, which is much longer than what most people would think.
Something to remember is that the amount of time you have been taking the Depo Provera shot does not affect how long it will take you to get pregnant after going off of the shot. Just remember that getting pregnant after going off of the Depo-Provera shot may require some extra patience, since it might take longer than expected. Working together with your doctor can help to increase your chances of getting pregnant, since you can be on the same page. You will not begin ovulating again until the Depo-Provera shot is fully out of your system.

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