Want to get pregnant in a month

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, some of the things to consider are what time of the year you want to be pregnant and when your baby’s birthday will be. Being pregnant during the holidays can be fun, but as a December baby myself, I beg you not to do this to your future child.
I grew up right along the coast of Lake Erie in NE Ohio, and you get WAY more lake-effect about 15 miles inland than the first few miles from the coast. A couple of my aunts & uncles live in Geauga County, another aunt lives in Ashtabula, and my grandparents are in eastern Cuyahoga County, so you probably know how they usually get socked with snow all along there.

Or, you could get like me and have a uterus that evicts it’s tenants without notice a month early.
I have an April baby, and for me it was perfect because I am a miserable person in the heat anyway, so if I had been heavily pregnant in the summer I don’t know that I would have made it through without killing someone. Plus my mat leave was in the spring and early summer, so perfect to get outside with the baby and not go stir crazy. October is the BEST birthday month so I kind of want a fall baby to share it with, but I don’t want a Scorpio, so the timing is tricky.

I swore from childhood on that if I ever had a baby, I would make sure his or her birthday wasn’t near enough to Thanksgiving and Christmas to get mashed in with them.

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