Vitex really help with getting pregnant

It’s one of the most famous fertility herbs that exists, and it has been used for hundreds of years to help promote fertility in women.
Vitex comes in many different forms, including capsules, herbal form, tincture, tea and powder.
Due to that increase in progesterone, Vitex is also good for helping to prevent miscarriage.
Vitex is safe to use all month long without a break, which is great for women who have trouble remembering when to take herbal supplements. Experts say that Vitex has been used for over 2000 years with no side effects or problems, so it remains to be one of the safest fertility herbs that we have access to, and every woman that is experiencing fertility issues should at least give it a try. However, by choosing a natural supplement you will be able to avoid the side effects that fertility treatments and prescription fertility drugs have and will still have a better chance of becoming pregnant quickly.  One of the most popular natural fertility drugs is Vitex, which is also known as Chasteberry. Vitex has been used for centuries and is known as one of the oldest medicines when it comes to the natural healing of a variety of elements.
One of the biggest groups of people that Vitex can help with is women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, such as premenstrual syndrome.
Vitex works by increasing the luteinizing hormone that encourages the release of the follicle stimulating hormone. This may mean that it takes a little while for your reproductive system to work properly and can help with a number of other elements as well. Typically, you can take Vitex for about 18 months at a time without having any serious side effects.

We are going to look a little closer at Vitex and find out just what makes this fertility herb so special. Vitex can also reduce the advancement of mild endometriosis, which is especially helpful for women who are suffering from that condition. For women that have no periods or very irregular periods, Vitex can help with that as well.
Capsules are usually the first choice for Vitex, however, it does come in many other forms. There are many reasons that a natural approach is preferable when it comes to becoming pregnant.
It has been shown to correct imbalances of the hormones and can help to improve the symptoms that a woman feels during her menstrual cycles as well. It has also been shown effective for women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome because it can help promote ovulation and menstruation. Another benefit that women see when they take Vitex is their ability to lengthen the luteal phase which makes it easier for them to become pregnant.
Since it is not hormone, it works with the body to help improve the overall production of natural hormones so that the body will work better as well.
After the natural process that Vitex the body through, your body will have a better chance of becoming pregnant because all the functions of the body are working together properly. It is best to discuss the correct amount take with your doctor so that you are getting the right amount that will benefit you the most.

It has been used for centuries to help improve the chances that a woman has of conceiving and has helped many people to become pregnant naturally.
Vitex is especially helpful with fertility issues because it supports and regulates the pituitary gland, which is the “master gland” of the body, responsible for many body processes and functions.
This is really great for fertility because it can, in turn, increase progesterone levels, which can make it easier to get pregnant. Most experts suggest taking Vitex on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before eating breakfast.
Usually, the powder and tea versions are not recommended because Vitex is known for it’s very bitter taste.
Working together with ObGyn physicians in her own practice, she has over 20 years experience in women's health, pregnancy and childbirth.
Fertility treatments come with a wide range of side effects that can be unwanted and dangerous for some.
It is important that you stop taking Vitex when you become pregnant so that you can maintain a healthy pregnancy. Acne is reduced with regular Vitex use, and it can even help to stimulate milk production in brand new moms.

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