Viable pregnancy at 47

There’s nothing natural about Kelly Preston getting pregnant at the age of 47 experts agree. However Kelly got pregnant, Hollywood Life would like to again congratulate her and John Travolta on the big news.
PlayThe husband of a pregnant, brain-dead woman is suing a Fort Worth hospital to have her removed from life support. Marlise Munoz is trending in the news this evening as the pregnant woman who tragically suffered a pulmonary embolism.
Well, if we’re thinking about why celebrities wait until later in life to get pregnant, there are a ton of reasons.

The science of the matter is that at age 40, only somewhere around one percent of a woman’s eggs are healthy and viable enough to maintain a pregnancy.
Her survival, as well as that of her fourteen-week-old fetus at the time of her collapse, have both been deemed “not viable” by a district judge this week. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. As a pregnant woman, Marlise Munoz could not be removed from life support because a pregnant female may not be legally removed from a life-maintaining ventilator if it might cause any danger or harm the unborn child. In the fertility world, it is considered impossible for a woman to get pregnant naturally after age 43.

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