Very early signs of pregnancy discharge

Many women seek to know about these very early pregnancy signs either because of  anticipation of an desired pregnancy or anxiety over an undesired one.
Hi, I am 4 days late, I have a milky white discharge with no itch or odor, and some cramping.. Hello… I had sex on july 25th still nt my period but my back aches n i have some white and thick mucus discharge. I had a period three days early and it lasted for four days, however it was lighter then normal. My cycle is 28 days and I have a chart which I use every month to record this, am normally only on my period for 3 days been like that for years and I am now on day cycle 33 and no sign on a period however the last 3 days I have had cramps off and on not constant as if I am on my period but it’s not here. I still feel that cramps and i have white and watery discharge, my temperature higher then before but still no period.

The day before yesterday I had like a reddish brown spotting in my underwear same thing today but no period and very mild cramps. Since Sunday the 21st I have been super tired, breasts have been killing me, cramps throughout my lower stomach and pubic area, discharge ranging from watery to slightly watery with a small amount of school glue.
I went to the bathroom to pee and when I whipped there was blood, looked in the toilet and there was small clots, ever since then I been having A LOT of discharge.. So I expected it on the 1st and now it’s been 8 days and no period along with mild cramping, back pain, increase discharge took a pregnancy test but was negative.
And I have the same symptom and the day of my period I got little pieces of brown discharge and still got it a little today and the day it was suppose to come on it felt like it but everytime i checked it never came, my period was suppose to come on the 3rd but I’m 2 days late. When I usually start my period it starts very heavy and gradually decreases until it’s only just spotting.

I have cramps that last for a minute or two then afterwards I become very nasuate, I have been getting mild headaches and dizziness and started to get lower back pain. I also keep having this wierd discharge bit it has no odor, its just more than normal ant its creamy, and this morning it was stringy like snot.

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