Vastu tips to get pregnant

Using some of the following Vaastu Shastra tips one can conceive a Baby or enhance the fertility. Keeping head towards North while sleeping could disturb the pregnancy because, the North Pole is full of magnetic energy. NotificationWe are getting tons of messages, comments and e-mails everyday, and we are trying to answer them with the best resolution. Pregnancy is an esoteric experience and privilege that only women enjoy; while wishing for a healthy baby is common thinking. Single women should take the room in the North-West as first option if they are looking to get married. Always use light shade colors instead of using dark Blue, Red colors or curtains in the room of pregnant women. Important rooms like bedroom and other most used rooms of house must be in accordance with Vastu to ensure conception and healthy baby.

Women trying to get married must take North-west room as this direction is governed by air and have attributes like change. Staying in vibrant environment is important for pregnant women and keeping fresh flowers in the rooms including bedroom and dinning roomis important and helpful.
Avoid wearing dark and lustrous colours during pregnancy such as black, dark red, orange etc. Pregnant women should only wear subtle and light colours including green, blue, white and yellow.
1.If couple having their bedroom in Northeast direction then lady won’t be able to get conceive a child. 3.Married couple always sleeps in Southeast bedroom of home before progeny of lady, when lady get pregnant then move to Southwest bedroom. 4.If southwest bedroom is not possible then northeast side is also a good option but after get conceive.

A Vastu compliant house not only yields good and positive results but indeed help women to deliver healthy offspring. But yes it’s true some time the wrong selection of room, sleeping position, bedroom’s things, decorative items place everything matters to get pregnant. Pregnant women must consider some significant tips of Vastu so as to give timely birth to child and to avoid unnecessary problems.

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