Trying to have a baby boy

While we'd think Coco and Ice-T's baby would be absolutely adorable regardless of the gender, we can't help but to think a little girl would make for the perfect pint-sized Coco. Surprisingly though, the model turned fitness guru is actually hoping for a baby boy, preferably with green eyes, Classicalite reported. Nonetheless Coco is hoping for a happy and healthy baby, and is most looking forward to watching husband in daddy mode.

Now that they don't have the watchful eye of reality cameras following their every move, on top of the several separate projects Ice-T, 56, and Coco, 35, are often involved in, looks like it's no better time than now to have a baby. However, their hectic schedules have often interfered with the time needed to actually raise a baby as both have been solely focused on building their empire as a couple and individually.

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