Trying to get pregnant should i have amh test

By puberty, it's normal for females to have approximately 300,000 remaining eggs in their ovaries. While women in their thirties may still have a plentiful supply of waiting eggs in their ovaries, the follicles that surround these eggs begin to have a diminished response to hormonal signals as they age. While the old standard for testing ovarian reserve was Day 3 FSH, that test is less reliable because level results can fluctuate based on the woman's cycle dates. Maintaining the eggs that we need when we are ready to have kids is important in these circumstances and in order to do so, you need to learn more about your body and the way that it functions. One of the most important parts of the pregnancy process is the hormonal response that the follicles surrounding those eggs have. One popular test that helps determine fertility is the AMH test or Anti-Mullerium Hormone test.
The blood test measures the follicles that are responsible for the hormone responses to the eggs. If you are a young woman who wants to put off having children until later in life, this test may help you see if your body will be ready when you are.
Just because you have a high AMH level, does not mean that there are no other factors that play a role in the fertility situation. While an AMH test does not measure the exact number of eggs that you have remaining, it can be a key indicator of how fertile that you are. By the age of 40, this ovarian reserve of eggs may be exhausted early in some women, while others will continue to be fertile, become pregnant easily, and have healthy babies well into their fourth decade. AMH stands for Anti-Mullerium Hormone, the substance which is produced directly by the ovarian follicles.
Knowing your AMH level may be helpful for young women who want to postpone pregnancy to pursue their career or for any other personal reasons, or for women in a later fertile stage who want to have more information about what to expect from TTC. When it comes to fertility there are lots of factors involved (some that are even a mystery to medical professionals) and AMH levels are just one factor.

After a certain age, our bodies have run out of eggs and menopause sets in and we finally understand that we are now too old to have kids. First, you should keep in mind that every woman’s body works differently and just because one woman is fertile well into her forties does not necessarily mean that you will be as well.
As much as we enjoy saying that we can do anything a man can do, there is one thing that men can do for much longer than us and that is to have children. With all these eggs, it may be difficult to understand why some women find it difficult to get pregnant as they age. As we age, this response becomes less and less, making it more difficult to become pregnant.
Since the number of eggs that you have remaining does not necessarily mean that you will get pregnant, this test focuses more on the probability that you will get pregnant. A woman with a lower level of these follicles will have a harder time developing eggs that are healthy and ready for fertilization. While old fashioned tests varied from one cycle to the next, the AMH test has been shown little changes from month to month and can actually be tested on any day of your cycle. There are many women who can benefit from this test. It may also be a good idea for this test to be completed annually so that you do not miss your opportunity to have children.
You should talk your options over with your doctor before giving up hope of getting pregnant.
This can be an extremely useful tool for women who are not ready to have children, but do not want to miss their opportunity to have them in the future. AMH levels do not change significantly in healthy women, so testing to find the AMH level helps pinpoint fertility potential ranging from optimum to very low, all through a simple blood test! A big advantage to this test is that it can be administered and accurately measured on any day of a woman's cycle. You should note, however, that women with higher AMH levels generally have a better response to ovarian stimulation and are better candidates for successful IVF procedures.

The AMH test is a useful tool that can help women determine and track their fertility potential in order to make a more informed family-planning decision. However, for those of us who are starting to age a bit, but still wanting to have kids in the future, our fertility is an important issue. Test results range from optimum to very low and they can be received via a simple blood test. Likewise, for older women wanting to have children, this test will allow them to see what their odds of conceiving are. If you are waiting to have kids, this is definitely a test that you should talk over with your doctor and determine if it is right for you.
AMH is produced in the small ovarian follicles, so blood levels of this substance measure the size of the pool of growing follicles; serum AMH levels correlate with the number of antral follicles, which means that low AMH levels are a predictor of poor ovarian responders and therefore indicate that the woman will have more difficulty producing and releasing viable eggs for fertilization. Sterling reasons that "those women with low AMH levels at a younger age may come to regret their delay. Young women may have a false sense of security about their fertility, only to later experience challenges and difficulties when trying to conceive. Younger women who take the AMH test will learn if they grow eggs easily and be reassured about the viability of their ovarian reserve.
The test can be taken annually, so these women will know when their reserve of eggs begins to show a decline.

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