Trying to get pregnant how long

Women under 35, who have been trying to conceive a baby more than one year, should just check with the doctor to see if any testing might be needed. Actually anyone trying to get pregnant should see their physician before beginning to try and conceive to make sure both partners are in good health.
You can help increase your fertility and chances of becoming pregnant by doing just a few easy things prior to trying.
One important fact that fertility specialists recommend is not having intercourse too often when trying to get pregnant.
Generally majority of the women get pregnant within three months of them trying to conceive. In cases when a couple have been trying to conceive, for more than a year, without a positive result, it is better to seek the advice of a fertility expert. Around 84% of couples out of 100, who are trying to conceive, have a positive outcome within a year of trying and about 92 % out of 100 take up to two years to conceive,these statistics are only averages.Some couples, who take up to two years to conceive, it would appear to be normal for others.
At time even though fertilisation happens but the egg does not embed securely in the womb lining and this get lost in the next period.
The eminence and the amount of your partner’s sperm can influence the women’s chances of getting pregnant. Having sex when you are most fertile is extremely important to be pregnant quickly and most importantly, than just thinking of getting pregnant it is important to enjoy the process.

Even when you are trying to conceive it is important to take in the folic acid tablets and to consume foods that are rich in folic acid such as peas, broccoli etc. I had a ectopic pregnancy that ruptured and was told that I wouldn''t be able to concieve-I''m not sure if I lost a tube or an ovary. I have been on the combined pill for 10 years and been told that I could have problems gettting pregnant.
I had a tubal ligation done years ago and then recently had both my tubes removed because of an ectopic pregnancy. I gave birth 6 months ago, stopped breastfeeding 1 month ago and have had no signs of a period yet somehow I am pregnant again. At my HSG dye x-ray the nurse could not continue as she could not get the catheter tube through my cervix, which I believe is not uncommon.
I had an etopic pregnancy in 2005 and the removed my right fallopian tube and she noted that the left tube is clubbed. I've just had an operation to remove my tube due to an ectopic pregnancy and have now found that the other tube is scarred, I have damage to one ovary and also a bulky retroverted uterus. I missed three contraceptive pills in a row, and had an emergency contraceptive pill on my GP's advice, however I've now missed my period, although a pregnancy test came up negative.
I have been having unprotected sex for a year and a half and I still have not got pregnant.

If you are having irregular periods, it’s better to ask the doctor on how to know more about your ovulation period. You can improve the probability of getting pregnant by knowing your productive days and making love frequently 2-3 times a week, every week. People who have lower fertility may take longer to conceive, but does not necessarily mean they are infertile. There are certain foods that can help increase the chances of conception by providing your body with the right vitamins needed for pregnancy. When women are above the age of 35 years it is even more valuable, that they get help faster. It is pretty normal for some people for conception to take up to two years to occur and 50% of people trying to have a baby get pregnant in the second year of trying.

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