Trying to get pregnant at 30

By the age of 30, her odds are 13 per cent and, at 35, they have dropped below 10 per cent.The speeding up of the biological clock mean the chances of pregnancy plummet after 35. In future, it may be possible to create an online calculator that provides couples with a personalised pregnancy prediction‘As time goes by and people have been trying for a while, they start to get stressed and upset and that can affect their chances of having sex and then becoming pregnant.

After more conversations than anyone should ever have about how to have a family, after countless (millions!) of sad nights and tears, after thinking just one more try, after believing and wanting the outcome to be good and different, I realized that my struggle to get pregnant began to feel like an abusive relationship.
The average 40-year-old who has been trying for six months has just a 5 per cent chance of getting pregnant in the next month – or odds of one in 20.

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