Trying to get baby on bottle

Shelley H.’s breastfeeding coach made a similar recommendation, advising that the bottle not resemble a breast, and to have daddy or someone else give the bottle instead of mom. Of course, as long as mom doesn’t mind breastfeeding, then there’s no reason your baby needs to drink from a bottle. As a breastfeeding mum, trying to get my baby to take a bottle when she isn’t used to it can be quite tricky. I really like the shape and feel of this bottle; not only is it wide enough to simulate a breast, it is also very sturdy feeling and the teat screws on well so I’m not worried about any leaking in my changing bag. The Nurture Breast-like Feeding Bottle is 100%BPA free and free of polypropylene so perfect for your little one. I don’t often have the need to use a bottle but when I do, I want to be sure that my little girl will take from it easily and not get too upset due to taking on too much air. When I eventually start to wean my baby girl off the breast, I feel quietly confident that she will adjust well to taking a bottle because of the unique Breast-like design of this bottle. If your little one is struggling and refusing to feed from a bottle, I can highly recommend giving this one a go. However, Hint Mama notes that if your baby was premature or sick, you should be more careful about sterilizing bottles.
Make a Bottle That Feels and Tastes Like MomCircle of Moms members say some babies only like milk from a bottle if it’s similiar — in touch, taste, and temperature — to drinking from mom’s breast.

Move Away From Mom On the other hand, some Circle of Moms members suggest it helps if moms not bottle feed their babies, but instead put some distance from their children.
Be PatientGetting a baby to drink from a bottle will take a little persistence, Circle of Moms generally agree. Skip Ahead to a Cup If you’re not having any luck with a bottle, then by all means offer a cup. The new Breast-like Bottle from Vital Baby has tried to mimic the natural shape of a mother’s breast so that the baby can latch-on effectively. This is a really simple design and if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t notice; it has three air holes carefully placed around the side of the teat and this helps your baby to not take in as much air as they might otherwise. I also want to make the transition between breast and bottle as stress free as possible and this breast-like teat seems to do the trick. I will continue to use this bottle every once in a while to ensure Isabella is happy to feed from me and a bottle.
If temperature isn't an issue, then perhaps your baby wants to drink from a bottle and nipple that more closely resembles a breast, Nicole N. My baby has always been a ‘windy’ baby and takes on a lot of air even when breastfeeding so this system worked well for me.
She notes he took breastflow bottles and nipples better and would only drink if the milk was at the right temperature.

The bottle’s nipple looks exactly like the pacifiers that the hospital gives you." Meanwhile, Sarah G. Shakira too, would like to give herself an occasional break from breastfeeding, but her daughter won’t take a bottle, whether it’s filled with breast milk or formula.
Previously, she had always been in the house but in another room, and her 22-month-old wouldn’t bottle feed. Add a Sweetener As long as your pediatrician approves, then some moms recommend adding something to the bottle to make it more palatable. She refused the bottle every time and would cry and cry." Then Nicole switched to a bottle called Adiri that is shaped like a breast and soft like a breast. Once she left the house, her husband was successful in getting their daughter to drink from the bottle. I spent a small fortune on bottles and nearly lost my mind running back and forth to day care while I was working to nurse him," she says.

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