Trying to decide to have a baby

It is very wise to have discussed the having of children before getting married or partnered. If you are having a disagreement with your spouse or partner about whether or not to have children, talk with each other for a long time about it. If you do decide to throw all caution to the wind, financially-speaking, be willing to do what it takes to thrive. If your potential co-parent hasn't already made it clear that a baby is something he or she wants, you'll need to discuss it.
If you've already agreed you want to have children but just haven't agreed on the timing: Simply remind your potential co-parent that you have been thinking about having a baby and feel like "now" is the right time and what does he or she think.
Motivations for having a baby range from "everyone else is having one" to "it's what my body was designed for". Sometimes people choose to have a baby because of experiencing marriage difficulties, with the hope a baby will draw the couple closer together.

In recent times, many women have chosen to leave having a baby until after their careers have been firmly established, then have a baby later in life.
From looking through the earlier sections, you should have a good idea that you're ready for a baby or more ready to keep partying. However, such external reasons for having a baby are not going to last when you're knee-deep in diapers and vomit. If your co-parent doesn't want a baby, or another baby, you need to work it through, not use subterfuge. It is very important to think these things through on your terms, and to have come up with sound conclusions about your future directions that are realistic for you.
So before you start trying for that little bundle of joy, take our 15-question quiz to find out if the time is right.
If you're going through grief, depression or you're feeling majorly lonely, this might not be the right time to make a decision that has lifelong consequences.

Of course, you could also sort your problems and get on with your life; consider simplifying so that what really matters (having a baby) comes first.
It is always your choice when to have children but you might also consider the flipside, namely, delaying your career start until later, when your children are older and less dependent. If your partner says yes, ask how soon and casually mention you have been thinking and you would really like a baby.
Again, just like the decision on having a baby, it is personal to you and it's entirely up to you.

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