Trying to conceive using lube

Instead of using other water based lubricants that contain glycerin, a sperm friendly lube like Pre-Seed is the right one to use when you are trying to become pregnant. But the latest study, published in this month’s issue of Fertility and Sterility, suggests that regardless of how good they feel, these products might not be good for couples trying to get pregnant.
The researchers conclude that silicon- and water-based lubes should not be used by couples who are trying to get pregnant. The issue of whether couples should use lube if they’re trying to get pregnant, however, is not entirely settled. The study’s lead author, Kazim Chohan, told Reuter’s Health this about store-bought lubes: “Couples can try them for their sexual pleasure.

It asked couples who were trying to get pregnant to keep a journal of when they had sex and if they used lubricants.
Most store-bought lubes are made out of water or silicon, and some of them are scented, flavored, or provide sensations like warming, cooling, or tingling. They then added one of four brands of lube from store shelves—three sold under the K-Y brand, Astroglide, and a brand called Pre-Seed, which has been specially formulated for couples trying to conceive.
A 2008 study, for example, looked at Astroglide, Replens, and other commercially available lube and found that, other than those designed for couples trying to conceive, the products reduced sperm motility in a test tube. The study found that women who used either kind of lube reported having more pleasurable sex than women who used no lube.

Even saliva and water can kill sperm and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive.

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