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The cost of fertility treatment, and the cost of IVF in particular, is a dreaded challenge many couples must face when natural conception is not fruitful and living child free is not an option.  For so many on the journey to conceive, the exorbitant cost of treatment sadly limits treatment choices, and in some cases, prevents access to necessary treatment altogether.
Perinatal loss, the death of an infant during pregnancy or soon thereafter, is a tragic experience for families on the journey to conceive. This is a moving 3-minute video that really conveys the sense of longing and hardship during the wait to conceive.
Q I am a mother of a beautiful two-year-old daughter, who will be three in a month, and though I would dearly love another baby, I am having trouble conceiving. Today 11:29 AM Trying To Conceive Over 35 Trying to get pregnant over the age of 35 comes with its own unique issues. Today 09:02 AM TTC After A Loss Trying to conceive after the loss of a pregnancy or child can be a very uncertain time. Take a breather from the bussle of the regular TTC forum and chat with others who are trying for a baby later in life. Share your journeys with other ladies, giving and receiving emotional support with others in a similar situation to you.

If I had expected to conceive with my own eggs, I encouraged myself to be open to conceiving through a donor egg if necessary. Our first girl was conceived within two months of trying so I assumed number two would be just as easy, but nothing has happened yet and the clock is ticking. This increased the options, and therefore, the chances to conceive, and made my journey less painful and more likely to succeed. We were told to go away and relax and to try again, with the option of coming back and trying IVF. My poor husband is trying his best to support me, but needless to say our relationship is under strain. While there is some public awareness of the upset for couples struggling to conceive for the first time, there is less awareness of the problems for couples struggling to conceive subsequent children.
She probably does not realise how a suggestion that you should be happy with one child could upset you so much (and add to your guilt) when you are in the throes of trying for another child.
The grief of not conceiving a second child can be just as strong as not conceiving a first.

Many couples I have spoken to who are trying for first or subsequent children talk about the experience of a private mini- bereavement each month when the hoped- for pregnancy does not happen.
If it is hard to find support in your immediate circle, there are some great forums online, where mothers (and some fathers) share the challenges of trying to conceive a second child and provide each other with great support and information. Make the best decision regarding treatment I am not best placed to advise on treatment options for secondary infertility but I would advise you to seek the support of a team who you feel understand you and will support you in your journey. While of course stress is a factor in conceiving, it is very hard to relax when you feel under pressure, so engaging in structured health programmes that can help you have a positive self-care focus will benefit the process of trying to conceive.

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