Trying to conceive emotional stress

If people weigh in with unhelpful advice, or daft questions, it’s easier not to get emotionally involved.
One of the things that very often get overlooked when couples are trying to get pregnant is how the roller coaster ride and the cycle of renewed followed by dashed hopes and added stress affects us from a mental and emotional point of view. Personally when I was struggling to get pregnant I found it hard from an emotional point of view and I’m sure there are loads of other women just like me who wondered if they were the only one going through this. There are loads of different resources especially here on Fertility Fitness for advice on what to do physically to prepare for pregnancy  such as eat as healthily as possible, take supplements, take regular exercise although don’t overdo it, eat certain foods, avoid certain foods and so on.  However we often forget about the emotional side of trying to conceive, which is why I wanted to put together some of the emotions that I went through.
Jealousy really is common emotion and many women I’ve spoken to, me included, have felt exactly the same way.  I know when I was trying to conceive, I cried when I found out that people where pregnant. Being tired but not being able to sleep can really wear you down when you are experiencing the stress of trying to conceive, and this on its own can make you feel tired – coupled with stress and worry which can keep you lying awake at night, it can be a vicious circle. Trying to conceive can put even the most solid of relationships under a lot of pressure and stress.  One partner blaming the other, not communicating plus the fact that sex becomes a bit clinical and a chore can put a real downer on things. If you’ve got the point where you are going for tests or even just thinking about them and you aren’t getting any help on the NHS here in the UK then financial worries on top of all the other worries can just add to all the stress.

With all these stresses going on, it becomes no wonder that trying to get pregnant can be a really hard time to get through. Time to do something you enjoy, time to relax and be yourself and not think about conceiving, and time to spend together as a couple.  Go on holiday, go for long walks, and go out for meals. We hope you have enjoyed this post on the emotional side of struggling to conceive and we would love to hear your thoughts.
Also, it can help to join a local support group or an online board where you can connect with other women who are trying to conceive. Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a couple's life, but for couples coping with infertility and infertility treatments, conceiving a baby can be trying. Find out what happens when you ovulate , and check out ways to boost your chances of conceiving. If you are finding that it’s not quite going to plan even though you thought it would take a month or a couple of months max and 6, 9, 12, or even 18 or more months later here you are still trying to get pregnant even if you are doing everything you should be physically to prepare and things just aren’t happening how you thought they would. I found it wasn’t worth the stress and upset caused just because people expected me to do something.  Those who are true friends will fully understand if you explain to them how you are feeling.

A Swedish study published in the International Journal of Stress Management found that floating in saltwater triggers the body's relaxation response, which, in turn, helps lower stress hormone levels. The physical, emotional and financial stress of infertility can, if you're not careful, hurt your relationship with your partner. Studies show that couples who keep their feelings hidden are much more likely to have problems related to the stress of infertility. After seven weeks, people who regularly relaxed in floating tanks slept better, felt more optimistic and reported having less anxiety, stress and depression.
A study from England's University of Sussex found that reading, listening to music or sipping a cup of tea can ease stress. And it may be too late to change the few things you might have once controlled, such as trying to conceive when you were younger.

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