Trying to conceive after d&c

After a miscarriage or an abortion, there is sometimes a procedure that is completed where the cervix is dilated and cells are scraped from the uterine lining using a special tool. After you have this procedure completed, it is important to discuss your options with your doctor. It is also important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re trying to conceive after a D & C. You should make sure that you are taking all the proper prenatal vitamins and eating the right types of foods while you’re looking to conceive.
After this procedure, you can typically go through the conception process as you normally would prior to the procedure. However, this may be a question that you will want to ask your doctor after the procedure is completed because they may have a specific time when they wish for you to return if you are still struggling to conceive. This procedure can be extremely emotional for a woman to go through and it may take longer for her to heal mentally than physically when she is preparing to conceive again. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and make sure that you are taking prenatal vitamins while you’re trying to conceive as well.

Most couples will be wondering how long that they will be required to wait after the procedure as well as if there will be any long-lasting issues that they should be aware of. Your doctor will be able to instruct you as to how soon you will be able to become pregnant again as well as how long you should wait before you begin trying again. You should begin returning to normal and taking all of the proper precautions that you would normally take when trying to become pregnant.
While this is important for anyone who is trying to become pregnant, it is extremely important for a woman who has had this procedure to take care of herself while she is healing and trying to become pregnant again. It is suggested for women younger than 35 to see a doctor after trying to become pregnant for over a year and for women who are over this age to visit a specialist after six months. You should give yourself the time that you need to heal properly so that you will have the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy and conceiving quickly.
By following the advice listed above, you will have a better chance of conceiving in the future and carrying a healthy pregnancy to term even after you have had this procedure completed.
Below is more information that can help you to determine the best time to try and become pregnant after a D and C.

One issue that is sometimes noted after this procedure has been completed is a thinning of the uterus. Exercise can also help improve your chances of conceiving after this procedure and can help you to lose additional weight that may also hinder your process of conceiving. Make sure that you ask your doctor many questions so that you will understand how to proceed after you have had this procedure.
This is an important step for any woman who is looking to become pregnant and can help increase your chances of conceiving quickly when you are ready to try again.

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