Trying get pregnant after abortion

An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of life. One question women tend to ask is that can one get pregnant immediately after a miscarriage or an abortion. Abortion does not always result in infertility therefore a woman who is not ready to have any more children would want to take some preventive measures. A pregnancy can occur even one week after an abortion if preventive measures are not taken. Losing a baby is something that no couple should have to go through but it doesn’t have to stop you from trying again.

Most health specialists  suggest that you wait at least until your next period before trying for another baby.
One study suggests that there is no reason for many women to delay getting pregnant after a miscarriage. Eating a healthy diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients before attempting a second pregnancy is an important factor increasing chances of getting pregnant. It is also important to take a prenatal vitamin after having a miscarriage and through the time between the miscarriage and trying again. Infact the sooner a woman conceives again, the better her chances of having a healthy pregnancy, the study suggests.

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