Trying for pregnancy from past 6 months

When all you want in the world is to gain an extra 30Ibs and feel uncomfortable, tired, emotional and sick for a whole 9 months. When you buy 30 HPTs on eBay for three pounds because it’s a good deal, and hey, you can test every day! When you’ve read every last article on Google as to why you might not be pregnant, and have a possible treatment plan to present to your doctor in addition to your charts and graphs.
When the only muscle you stir first thing in the morning is your arm muscle, to reach for the basal thermometer so you can test your temperature. When you refuse to finish decorating that 3rd bedroom in your house, because you can't stand the thought of getting it just the way you want it only to have to tear it apart next month in order to make room for the nursery you'll be needing. When you suffer silently from Infertility Vision (IV) - defined as the ability to see pink lines that nobody else can see. When you start testing the ph level of your Pre-Seed, just to make sure it's still in the right zone for sperm protection.

When you don't mind telling complete strangers about the things that come from your vaginal area, and you'll take pictures of it for them if they want.
When you belong to online forums, blog groups, and chat rooms in which you know everyone’s cycle days as well as your own. When you get a urinary tract infection from holding your pee for hours to make sure it is concentrated enough for POAS. When you gained weight from lack of exercise due to a fear of it interfering with implantation. When you don't have a baby BUT you DO have FANTASTIC hair and nails from all the pre-natal vitamins you’ve been taking for months. When you know where all the best light is in order to get a good clear unmistakable view of the pregnancy test strip.
When your DH, who is not as young as he used to be, needs a day off work to recover from a week of BDing.

When you’re convinced pregnant ladies are stalking you because they are lurking around every corner giving you the stink eye. When you've planned how you are going to tell every single person you know that you are pregnant. When you bolt off to the loo when you have an inkling that some CM may have made an appearance for inspection and analysis. When your dog gets pregnant and you have a tantrum about her ability to get knocked up when you can't.

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