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But that’s besides the point, if the carrot had semen on it when it was inserted into her then she can get pregnant.
1: If sperm gets on the carrot then it goes in the vagina there is a small tiny chane you could get pregnant. When I was a kid my older brother told me that if a girl and a boy go swimming together then the girl will get pregnant and have to have a baby… So for almost 2 years I refused to go swimming if ANY boys were in the water. What kind of parent misinform their child by telling them they can get pregnant by kissing!

And the poor girl who’s friend told her she can get pregnant from kissing because DNA travels through the mouth!
The dependable intelligence is that the problems with Yahoo Answers facts about pregnancy yahoo answers are a braggy part of the appeal of the site. We use contraception only sometimes facts about pregnancy yahoo answers these things just happen.
They're usually right side by facts about pregnancy yahoo answers side to the pregnancy tests.

For most of us who are or have been pregnant and I'm in the latter camp They don't want you to worry about things similar pasteurization.

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