Things to prepare your body for pregnancy

Birth control pills will generally be out of your system within a few days, but your body may not be ready to become pregnant for 2-3 months. Condoms, cervical caps, and other barrier methods will not stop you from getting pregnant as soon as you stop using them. Taking care of your skin with body lotions can be annoying some times, but put your eyes on the price and you'll have a tv commercial belly with no stretch marks in sight! Meet Lojjik, a college student and wikiHow Admin and Booster, who has been active in the community for over 8 years. From losing weight to getting fit (or at least off the couch), here's a rundown of the things you can do to improve your health before you conceive.
The more you start thinking, hoping, and planning for pregnancy, the more you might start wondering about your own health and well-being, and whether they're optimal for baby-making.
Your body needs time to recover after the first pregnancy and the optimal time to have the second pregnancy is between 18 months to 2 years. Iron is much needed during pregnancy to manufacture extra blood cells to nourish the fetus. As you would have known with the first pregnancy, your body undergoes massive changes to cater for a growing baby. Being a mother brings on a lot of responsibilities, but it is important to keep up with your exercise routine. You may want to schedule a doctor’s appointment to find out if you have any medical conditions that you need to take note of and how you can better manage these conditions during your second pregnancy.
You may feel confident about your second pregnancy, after all you have already gone through all the ups and downs during your first pregnancy. Taking care of your body and preparing it for pregnancy is not difficult and it leads to a series of habits that should accompany you not only in this period, but for the rest of your life.
It's important to go to the doctor and make sure you've had your important vaccinations and that any that have lapsed get updated. STIs and STDs can often go asymptomatic and exposing your baby to them can cause lifelong problems for your child or even death. You'll want your doctor to do a full check-up to keep an eye out for any health complications that might make getting or staying pregnant dangerous or difficult. Many prescription medications and some dietary supplements can be dangerous for pregnant woman and their babies.
Water is so important for you normally, so you can imagine how important it is for you to get water while you're pregnant. Folic acid is scientifically proven to be vital in making sure your baby develops correctly.

Eat a healthy diet to make sure your body is rich in all of the nutrients your baby will need.
He can help you take important decisions that will affect you and your baby and provide with further information in any doubts that may rise. And if you've had a preconception checkup, you (and your doctor) may have already identified some areas for improvement.
Generally, the body has to rebuild the lost nutrients from the first pregnancy and after breastfeeding.
It is fairly common to be slightly iron deficient in the first pregnancy and if iron is not replenished.
If you have not replenished this and start with your second pregnancy with deficiency in essential fats, there is a risk that your baby may suffer from insufficient essential fats too. The demands on your body will not be any less in your second pregnancy and having a healthy diet cannot be overlooked. Exercise brings on a host of benefits, giving you higher energy level, an easier delivery and more importantly, exercising releases endorphins – a feel-good hormone that moms definitely need during pregnancy. Also request for a blood test to detect nutritional deficiencies – iron, minerals, calcium and other nutrients. Whether you are planning to get pregnant in the next few years, few months or are already in the early stage of pregnancy, this could help you reduce the impact carrying a baby can bring. This is because while it's rare to get illnesses like measles, if you get them while you're pregnant it can have serious consequences for your baby.
Pregnancy is very hard on your body and if you already have, for example, mild high blood pressure then you could be in for a dangerous ride. Check with your doctor about all medications you are on and find out what adjustments will be necessary. However, it's important to understand how long it will be after you stop before you are capable of becoming pregnant again. Your blood pressure is often affected by pregnancy and so added stress can be the straw that broke the camel's back, or in this case, the straw that caused the camel to go into early labor. You've no doubt heard about how often you'll be peeing when you're pregnant, so making sure your body starts off in a well-hydrated state is very important. This is to help maintain the hydration and elasticity of your skin and later on, to help create good levels of amniotic fluid.
Especially stressful workouts, like Crossfit, can make it extremely difficult for your body to carry the pregnancy to term. You should also take Vitamin E supplements or eat foods naturally rich in this nutrient to keep your skin strong and healthy-looking.

You don't have to be too strict about your diet, you can always have a cookie or a piece of pie now and then, and it's good too, just as long as this won't go out of control! If you're overweight or underweight, for instance, sleep deprived or stressed, you'll want to take some serious steps to remedy the situation.
Every pregnancy is different and both your health and that of your second baby, have to be taken into serious consideration! However, if you wait too long for the second pregnancy, there is a higher risk of preeclampsia and high blood pressure. An untreated folate deficiency increases your risk of a preterm baby, baby with low birth weight, baby with cleft lip and birth defect of the spine or brain.
Therefore, it is recommended for expectant mums to take zinc supplements as it helps your body develop a healthy immune function. It may be even more difficult to eat healthily for your second pregnancy, especially with a child to take care of and a home to run. Incorrectly healed muscles can lead to a permanent bit of puffy tummy, even if you're otherwise thin.
You'll also want to avoid anything that poses a health risk to you and your baby (like alcohol, cigarette smoke, and some prescription medications).
Just like the first pregnancy, leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise is necessary – sometimes with a baby #1 to take care of, you may have let some of these healthy habits slide. It is recommended to allow at least half a year before the conception of your second baby so that you have enough time to build up on your essential fats. If you are unsure about taking supplements for zinc, the good news is that many foods are rich in zinc too! All of these things can kill your baby or cause it to be born with serious mental and general health problems. Here's a look at a few steps you can take to make sure your preconception efforts lead up to the healthiest pregnancy possible. Your body is different after the first pregnancy and depending on the timing of your second pregnancy, there is a need to replenish depleted nutrients for your body.
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