Things to do when you want to conceive

When you are trying to get pregnant, all you hear is do this, do this, no do that, do this, etc.. If you are going to have a baby, you are going to have to know what is going on in your body. All I wanted to say was Im happy to hear how many people have gotten pregnant from the pills, I am going to let my sister know about. It is best that you never lose hope when it comes to your chances of getting pregnant and my best wishes for your sister. Ive been trying to get insight on how to get prego ive been getting positive opk test does this mean that i should have sex everyday on smiley face days i want a baby sooooooooooooo bad positive feed back PLEASE!!!!! Yes; it would be best that you regularly have sexual intercourse with your partner on your fertile days to help increase your chances of getting pregnant.
Not maintaining a healthy oral condition disadvantageously affects your hormone's overall health, and subsequently, fertility potential. Note: If you are going to do a detox diet do this at least 3 months BEFORE you start trying for your little one. If you’re reading this and already struggling with infertility, my heart goes out to you!
Positive changes, no matter how small, is always a step in the right direction for your own mental & physical health.
You may also want to check out Astroglide TTC Trying to Conceive™, Astroglide TTC™ is formulated for couples who are trying to conceive, supporting fertility with adjusted pH levels and more. Smoking can seriously inhibit your ability to get pregnant, and if you do get pregnant, it can really hurt your unborn baby too. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. Aside from taking Fertibella ConceiveEasy, she can greatly improve her likelihood of getting pregnant by regularly tracking her ovulation dates, increasing her sexual intercourse during her fertile window and by avoiding stress; it is also best that she maintains a healthy lifestyle by quitting unwanted habits. Aside from having sex during your fertile days, you can as well increase your chances of getting pregnant by taking fertility supplements such as Fertibella ConcieveEasy, Vitex and Clomid.
You have to be meticulous in observing certain regimes if you have been experiencing difficulties getting pregnant. Parenting, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine specialists found smoking as a hindrance to easily conceive.

If you'd like to enhance your fertility potentials as early as now, lower your caffeine intake. The toxic elements associated with alcohol wear down women's health, and subsequently, the potential to conceive. Improve your eating habits. I love this series by Donielle Baker on traditional diets and how to implement them to help increase the odds of conception.
There are few things harder than wanting to have and hold your own little baby but your body won’t seem to let you. That way you can plan to have sex when you are ovulating for a better chance of getting pregnant. Make sure that you are still connecting with your partner and that you are not getting too carried away. Me and my new husband want kids but that my never happen, to fix is to much, I wish there was a way to found a fix (outside of surgery).
It is also best that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid stress and keep a healthy weight. If your body lacks nutrition, its development for conceiving faces challenges down the line as well. For those of you who think ahead like me, give these a shot and set yourself up for success! We headed out of the country knowing it would be our last big trip for a while, since we knew we wouldn’t want to travel too much while the baby was little. Try to make it something fun that you can still enjoy rather than just bumming out all day. Well, that is what we were thinking, and we have comprised a list of what NOT to do if you want to get pregnant! If you want an alternative, try PreSeed, the fertility friendly lubricant, or even warm water. Also make sure you are eating a healthy and well balanced diet and getting enough vitamins and minerals.
Keep it all in perspective, and try to keep your relationship with your partner close and connected. If you are taking birth control pills, stop them, because it will take a month or two for your body to regain its regular menstrual cycle, and this will help you zero in on the days on which you are most fertile, and you can plan conception accordingly.2.

Taking 400 mg of folic acid per day (consult your doctor of course) every day for at least a month or two before conception would be good (And you can continue after conception!). Lay off alcohol and smokingBoth you and your partner must reduce your alcohol intake, and stop smoking in case you do either or both. A glass of wine now and then won't hurt before you conceive, but make sure to stop completely after you get pregnant. Start a healthy dietSo you like eating out often but now is the time to keep a strict check on it. Get to the right weightIf you are overweight or obese, now is the time to shed a few kilos. If you are too skinny, exercise and a good diet will help you become fit and healthy, and make you strong enough to bear a healthy child.6.
It makes you flexible and increases the amount of oxygen in your body, making you generally healthier (and makes you look and feel better too!) If you have never exercised before, ease into a routine with the advice of your doctor.7. Get testedSitting in a lab all day getting jabbed by needles isn't very pleasant, but a host of pregnancy complications can be avoided just by getting yourself tested before you conceive. Your doctor would know the tests to be conducted; generally women get tested for anemia, thyroid imbalances, diabetes and cholesterol.
Make sure that your partner is tested too, to rule out chronic conditions or any underlying health problems that affect fertility.8. Take a re-look at your work environment Your work might involve exposure to radiation, X-ray or chemicals.
You might be a health worker who comes in contact with patients with diseases like Hepatitis B regularly. Or perhaps you work with animals, and could be susceptible to diseases that animals transmit to humans.
So you need to sit back and re-think your situation, and make changes right away, so that you have things sorted out by the time you do get pregnant.9.

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