Tell coworkers about pregnancy

Note: It's a probably good idea to tell your boss before your colleagues, as it's the courteous and respectful thing to do, but one important thing to remember is: Do not feel guilty when telling your boss! On the other hand, finding ways to tell coworkers that you’re pregnant can sometimes be stressful.
On a day when you know nothing major is scheduled at your workplace, pass around the cookies or cupcakes among your coworkers and you will find congratulations pouring in.

Use an online photo card service and create a card to send to friends, coworkers and family. It was my time to be excited and if my coworkers shared in that excitement, great, but if not, then they could just keep it to themselves. Telling your boss and coworkers that you're expecting is actually an incredibly fun moment (unless your boss hates babies, in which case, you should quit).

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