Teenage pregnancies in south africa

On a regular basis, South African media consumers encounter news stories and often graphic photographs of abandoned babies splashed across newspaper pages.
Punctuated by a variety of sources and voices commenting on the issue of child abandonment from multiple angles, the article didn’t sensationalise but attempted to offer some insight into the causes and possible solutions to the problem.
4) aside from pointing out the persistent inequality in the distribution of resources among schools in different South African provinces, also lists the rising numbers of teenage pregnancies.

Such a question would have better ascertained the veracity of this claim in light of the earlier statement that many pregnancies are in fact a product of rape. The almost complete absence of fathers and men in the majority of media discourse surrounding teenage pregnancies, motherhood, fatherhood and child abandonment is of concern and feeds into established stereotypes, such as girls being perceived as promiscuous and purposely getting pregnant to access social grants, putting the onus of pregnancy and motherhood entirely on the girls and women. Comments made in the article are contradictory in that they simultaneously suggest that teenage pregnancy is often a result of a rape, and that girls fall pregnant in order to gain access to the social grant.

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