Teen pregnancy baby vs normal baby

Well u can carry in the back because i know some that carried like that she was 8 months pregnant and ypu couldn't tell in fact nobody believed her until she went into labour so it is possible. Well i was a teen mum i am 21 years old now and my eldest daughter is 4 years old and in full time school and i love every minute of being a mum its hard work and i would never say it isn't but though i was a mother i still went out with my friends once a week, i still sat all my exams and passed them all (while i was pregnant) i still went on to do a further education for another year sat and passed all of them exams as well. I figure, at 16 years old most teens are legally granted the ability to make decisions which may affect their lives and the lives of those around them every time parents drop the car keys into their hands. It’s a validation for public health programs that have advocated safe sex messages and sex education in schools; critics of that strategy raised concerns that such efforts would only promote more sexual activity among adolescents and drive up teen pregnancy rates. The HHS currently recommends 31 evidence-based programs and curricula that are proven to work to prevent teen pregnancy.
Some teen pregnancy prevention programs, like the Denver Health and Hospital Authority’s Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP), have embraced social media to promote their message. TOP supplements their nine-month youth development invention and community service program with text messages that corresponded to lessons taught that week in the program. Not every public health campaign may hit home with teens, but at least the data suggest that most of them, and as well as the sex education programs that are becoming a part of school curricula, seem to having an impact.
The news story was sobering — a pregnant teen delivered her baby at home and strangled it because she “didn’t know what to do with it.” While two of her aunts suspected she was hiding a pregnancy, her mother remained in denial. Making your daughter feel the shame of her pregnancy — rather than dealing with the situation — does nothing to help her.
I've also watched documentaries featuring women who did not know they were pregnant, again, which I find hard to believe. They should enjoy going out with friends, listening to music, playing sports and all the things that teenagers do. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that teen birth rates fell at least 15% in all states with the exception of West Virginia and North Dakota during the years 2007 to 2011. Studies do show, however, that more contraceptive options work only if teens understand how to use them appropriately.

To establish their effectiveness, the HHS reviewed more than 1,000 studies that analyzed outcomes such as preventing teen pregnancies or births, reducing sexually transmitted infections, or reducing rates of risky behaviors such as having unprotected sex and multiple sex partners.
More people are getting married later and putting off starting a family, and it’s possible that teens are mirroring what they see in their own families or their friends’ families. Even if you are aware that your teen may be sexually active, news of her pregnancy will be shocking. Parents need to know how to help prevent tragedies like the 14-year-old accused of killing her newborn baby. Talk to your teens often and keep the lines of communication open, so if your family is faced with a pregnancy you can provide the support your daughter needs.
They should not think that having a baby is the "answer" for anything, like being bored, lonely, no one caring what they do. Both of the teens from the viewing study and the polled teens reported that watching the show made pregnancy more real to them, and 82% of the teens who watched said the shows gave them a better understanding of the challenges of being pregnant and of parenting, and how to avoid it.
When you suspect — or confirm — that your daughter is pregnant, she needs your support, regardless of how you feel about the situation. This is a life-changing situation for your daughter, for your family and for the father of her baby. The baby was roughly the same size and weight as a real baby; it needed to be put to bed right, handled gently, and occasionally 'fed'. I've known and spoken to enough teenage girls to know about the various reasons that drive them to getting pregnant. Teens from other groups saw steep declines too, with non-Hispanic black teenagers showing a at 24% decline in teen births and non-Hispanic white teenagers a 20% drop. The report, compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics, did not address the reasons behind the decline, but experts say it’s a mix of greater access to birth control and better sex education. If parents work together with their teens to help plan for the baby, establish childcare and routines, and provide social support, those statistics can change,” adds Hurley.

And even efforts to educate adolescents about healthy living behaviors that involved nutritional education and physical activity were useful in improving teens’ overall awareness of their health and sexual health. It is their responsibility to use any one of the dozens of ways to prevent pregnancy, the most important being the use of a condom. Unfortunately, irresponsibility and laziness unite to contribute to so many "unwanted" pregnancies, not only to underage girls (who should not be having sex in the first place), but also women over the age of 18. Shutting off the baby would result in an instant failure, as would any form of abuse.I passed the project with flying colors, but it took a serious toll on my other academics. I learned quickly how important sleep was to the rest of my life - that baby had made me absolutely miserable. I heard it crying for about a week after I returned it, and I often woke up in the darkness scrambling for a key that wasn't there.Later, I learned that most of the students had given the baby to their parents. I could also tell you about some teen parents that WERE great and raised their children successfully. What you're saying sounds like the guilt trip a parent would throw their way - if you were mature enough to have a baby, you'd better damn well be mature enough to take care of it!
If they made a mistake, they made a mistake - you can't say "you should have known better, now you have to deal with it." I've heard people say that the male should be responsible for the baby, not the female, but that's just as sexist and just as incorrect as saying the female should take care of it - he's just as irresponsible as she is, at least at that age.

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