Symptoms of your pregnancy

Breast Pain48% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 1 of pregnancy. One of the toughest parts of trying to get pregnant has to be playing the waiting game each month to see whether or not you get your period and, of course, whether or not you wind up with a positive home pregnancy test.
But even though you can't confirm things until you get two pink lines or a plus sign on a test stick, there are some really early pregnancy symptoms that might be an indication that you have a baby on board even if it's way too early to officially detect things yet. When I got pregnant with my son, I swear I "felt" pregnant a few days after he was conceived.
Obviously both of our intuitions turned out to be spot on, so there really must be some truth to the idea that some women "just know" they're pregnant right from the get-go. Pregnancy – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Pregnancy, also known as gravidity or gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman.

Breast Pain73% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 7 of pregnancy. Setting fitness standards for yourself now will be incredibly beneficial to your changing body as your pregnancy progresses. Like most pregnant women, you are probably looking in the mirror every day for your baby bump. What will become your baby’s arms and legs are also starting to develop in the seventh week of your pregnancy.
And believe it or not, my mother even looked at me at one point and thought to herself, "Oh my God, she's pregnant." I guess I had a glow about me or something like that.
On average, the fourth month of your pregnancy marks the greatest period of growth, with your pregnancy most definitely appearing as a rounded abdomen.

This is because more blood is being pumped through your kidneys so you are producing more urine. Also, as your uterus grows, it puts more pressure on your bladder, which can give the sensation of having to urinate more frequently..

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