Symptoms of pregnancy kicking

You're probably still feeling some of the symptoms that hit you a few weeks ago: heartburn, indigestion, round ligament pain and skin itching tends to occur when your uterus begins to push around your other organs.
All of the rearranging in your abdomen can trigger a variety of harmless symptoms, but there are times when abdominal pain during pregnancy can point to a more serious condition. As the novelty of her pregnant belly wears off, a mom-to-be can start to feel less desirable. During pregnancy, the hands and feet can suffer more than other body parts, mostly due to fluid retention.
Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy isn't all that rare, since the carpal tunnel in the wrist is just as vulnerable to swelling as the other tissues in your body.
Vaginal bleeding might be the most obvious sign of complications, but there are other symptoms that could point to a serious situation.
Taking part in the pregnancy will help you bond with your baby and your partner, but it can also be a window into what lies ahead for you as parents.
Edema, or swelling during pregnancy, is one of the most common complaints at 30 weeks along, and it's perfectly harmless in most cases. If you're dealing with a pregnancy complication like gestational diabetes or you're expecting more than one baby, you may be approaching unpredictable times and should expect to see your doctor more often for monitoring. While losing one twin in the first trimester is unfortunately more common than you think, your chances of losing a twin at 33 weeks pregnant are quite low. Although you may have to suffer a little more discomfort during your pregnancy, and the risk of complications does increase with every added fetus, you'll be happy to hear that the total time from the first contraction to the birth is typically shorter when delivering more than one baby. From week 28 to the end of your pregnancy, counting kicks is the best way for you to monitor your baby's well being. Pain in the appendix, the liver or the uterus may occur in a different area of your abdomen now, so you might pass it off as nothing serious or chalk it up to general pregnancy pain.

The path through pregnancy and into motherhood is unlike any other you've travelled, and it's natural to be afraid of unfamiliar territory. Well, hip pain is another unfortunate pregnancy symptom that can arrive in the third trimester, and as usual, you can blame it on your hormones.
Rest is becoming more important these days, and reclining slightly in a comfy chair and kicking your feet up will work wonders for many aches and pains.
Unlike women who experience low risk pregnancies, your last two months can bring the potential for more problems, and in many cases, the babies will be delivered before your due date.
However,there's a very high chance that you'll deliver prematurely -- over half of all multiple pregnancies will end in delivery before week 37. There's no reason you should try to be a superhero and continue with your regular routine right until your day of delivery -- twins bring double the strain, and you may need double the energy to get through the last months of your pregnancy and those first post-partum weeks. Swelling is a natural aspect of pregnancy, but abnormal swelling is one of the first preeclampsia symptoms. One key to spotting a potentially hazardous pregnancy complication is to familiarize yourself with the dimensions of your uterus as it grows, and keep an eye out for sudden changes in size.
Of course, these are normal and necessary effects of pregnancy, and there's a good chance that she'll get her old body back within baby's first year. Swelling is a natural part of pregnancy, and the extra fluids that you're carrying in your body will account for about 25% of your total pregnancy weight gain. A 30 week old fetus is typically fairly active, so he'll keep you busy tallying up those kicks -- by now, he should be kicking at least 10 times every hour. Your baby is around 3 pounds and almost 11 inches from crown to rump (16 inches from crown to heel), and she will be able to move her eyes and eyelids at pregnancy week 30. However, pain, warmth and inflammation are not common effects of swelling -- these symptoms could point to a blood clot.

Those pregnancy hormones that are responsible for your slower digestion and your fatigue will also target the connective tissue around your joints, making for joint pain and muscle aches around particularly active areas, like the hips.
Well, your surging hormones are partly to blame for wild pregnancy dreams, but it's also quite common for your subconscious mind to express all of your anxieties and worries during your downtime.
And while most babies will have developed significant lung, brain and digestive function by now, your doctor will likely want to prolong a twin pregnancy at 33 weeks instead of delivering (the opposite might be true if you suffer from preeclampsia or gestational diabetes).
Of course, if you're one of the unlucky ones who can check off everything from backache to varicose veins on your list of symptoms, time may be moving more slowly for you. And then there are some emergencies that can hit whether you're pregnant or not: as your appendix is pushed higher into your abdomen, you may mistake the nausea and vomiting of appendicitis for a bad meal or lingering morning sickness. However, it's difficult to focus on a fit future when you're feeling trapped in a pregnant present.
One of the best ways to get hands-on experience and find answers to your questions is to join a prenatal course that covers a range of pregnancy and parenting topics over the course of several weeks. Luckily, most women won't experience any type of blood clot during pregnancy, but if you've had previous blood clots, are over 30, suffer from varicose veins or are overweight, you may be at a higher risk for deep vein thrombosis.
The good news is that, in many cases, serious conditions can be treated and resolved when they're detected early, which could save your health and your pregnancy.

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