Surprise pregnancy at 43

I just gave birth to my third child after being pregnant for 9 months and a YEAR… well, figuratively. When I was expecting my first, I just knew I was going to go “late” and was oddly very patient about that up until the last few days of my pregnancy when the typical “I don’t want to be pregnant anymore!” and “I am going to be the FIRST woman to be pregnant forever!” rants and sobs ensued. Toward the end of my second pregnancy I had been diagnosed with a rare but potentially very serious liver disorder called Cholestasis of pregnancy. I consider each pregnancy a great learning experience and feel that each birth is a culmination of my previous birthing experiences. As the pregnancy progressed, I found I greatly enjoyed the realization that the responsibility really did lie with my husband and I for our birth choices. That pregnancy went to 42 weeks and 2 days, and it was no surprise when my pregnancy with my second son went to 42 weeks and 3 days. As recurrence was likely, we took strong preventative measures to avoid having problems for this pregnancy.

I was starting to feel exhausted as I had not followed my own advice to be well rested at the end of pregnancy and I had only been asleep for about 30 minutes when my water broke. While I am happy with the choice that we made for this pregnancy, I am not certain I will choose it in the future.
I was so very excited to have this little one join us, but lack of sleep, pregnancies close together, life stresses combined with some heartache in transitions in some of my friendships through that year… the further down the road of postpartum I go, the more I see just how bad that it was. But with the next contraction starting it felt as though the little surprise I was carrying would move back a bit. While this pregnancy began a little sooner than we had planned, and I certainly had my moments of panic about having two kids so close together, everything progressed very well and mom and baby looked as healthy as could be. High EPA fish oils made an enormous difference for me during the pregnancy and just general, diligent self care. Also, with how long my pregnancy continued, it is unlikely we would have been able to find a birth attendant that would have been able to be supportive to the point of patience required.

I knew I had been hesitant off and on throughout the pregnancy with them coming so close and not feeling ready to have another baby. After being pregnant for 40 weeks plus 25 days my baby was finally here! I wanted to snuggle for as long as I needed and had wanted to be the one to check the gender when I was ready.
Whatever your situation, you really can transform a "whoops!" into something wonderful.  Hide a First-Trimester BumpYour Relationship's on the SkidsAnna Erickson, of Seattle, had just broken up with her boyfriend of five months when she learned she was pregnant.

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