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We spoke to Dawn Fowler, Canadian Director for the National Abortion Federation to get the facts on mifepristone.
Mifepristone can be used later in a pregnancy than Canada’s current medical option, said Fowler.

For women in the early stages of pregnancy, mifepristone offers a less invasive alternative to surgical abortions, which can be difficult for women in rural areas or the Maritimes to obtain. The drug has never made its way to Canada, but Health Canada is currently reviewing an application from the manufacturer to bring it here.
Another drug, misoprostol, is taken afterwards to induce uterine contractions. Mifepristone can be used to terminate pregnancies up to nine weeks along. In January, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair wondered out loud whether Minister of Health Rona Ambrose’s personal feelings about abortion had anything to do with the delay.

Food and Drug Administration) approval in the US an more than 2 million women in the US have used mifepristone to terminate pregnancies,” said Fowler.

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