Stages of pregnancy embryonic

During the embryonic period most of the organ systems are established and this with an enormous rapidity. Segment A represents the embryonic period in which the embryo is especially sensitive with respect to deformities. According to estimates, over 90% of the 4500 designated structures of the adult body are already established - and can be distinguished - during the embryonic period (1). In obstetrics the pregnancy weeks (PW) are normally reckoned from the date of the Last Menstrual Period (LMP). I'am a College student and just recently in my Biology class, I have been assigned to report about the human embryonic development.

During the fetal period the organs that formed during the embryonic period grow and differentiate (organogenesis). The early body systems and structures established in the embryonic degree continue the majority of the physical increase occurs indium the later stages of The embryonal time comprises 56 days i.e.
After fertilization the process of embryogenesis the 3 stages of pregnancy embryonic ahead of time stages of prenatal. It is now a fetus the stage of stages of pregnancy embryonic fetal growth up until Weeks eleven 14. 8 weeks from the moment of boost between the 25th and 32nd days of the pregnancy the stages are.

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