Stages of late pregnancy

A new study in the UK found that working up until the late stages of pregnancy can have as big an impact on a baby's health as mothers who smoke. Sometimes even modern pregnancy tests can get it wrong, giving false negative or positive results. Nearly half of pregnant women will develop snoring by their final trimester that could be linked to dangerous health problems for mother and baby, Australian sleep researchers have shown. A professor of medicine, Colin Sullivan, said his research found woman who started snoring during the later stages of pregnancy were at increased risk of developing high blood pressure.
A study Professor Sullivan conducted with the Fertility First treatment centre that followed 30 women throughout their pregnancies found that by the third trimester nearly half were snoring for 20 per cent of the night and six were snoring for more than half the night.

The study leader, Alison Fung, from the Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne, said that if her results were replicated by a larger study they could potentially be used to help prevent stillbirth and other complications in pregnant women.
In the past, sleep apnoea had been rarely studied in pregnant women because it largely affected men, but the hormones and weight gain in pregnancy put women at extra risk, she said. A study that followed pregnant women and their children for 13 years has found that exposure to magnetic fields (like those from wireless devices) may be contributing to the risk of childhood obesity. According to new research, your stress might stem from your mother's diet when she was pregnant with you. Added to the never-ending list of things that make me go, "Hmm," is the new report showing that choline (a nutrient found in eggs) intake that is higher than what is generally recommended during pregnancy may improve how a child responds to stress.

I can't imagine what it must be like to have to work outside the home this late in my pregnancy to put food on the table.

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