Scripture for trying to get pregnant

As I was praying this week, I was reminded of the many women in our community who are currently pregnant after enduring a loss of some sort.
I asked the Lord to show me 10 scriptures to share that will help you fight fear throughout your pregnancy. The Pregnancy and Baby Companion books were featured in the 2015 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Each post will consist of a Bible verse, a brief meditation on the day’s topic, and some suggested Scriptures for further study. I am very excited for this series and I think starting off with praying for patience is so vital! I had several scriptures that I clung to as I waited to have my babies (both of them) placed safely in my arms. I had 2 miscarriages after he was stillborn and I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl. I am currently 6 weekss pregnant after 2 losses, one due to pre term birth another a late miscarriage. Co-author of The Pregnancy Companion and The Baby Companion books, she also co-leads a community about TTC, infertility, pregnancy and new motherhood on Facebook.

I’m currently pregnant about 7 weeks I was searching for scriptures to conquer fear when I came across this article. I was working when both my babies were born and when we stepped out in faith and knew it was time for me to come home, it’s amazing how the Lord just kept providing. But you have every reason to believe that THIS is the baby God has ordained for such a time as this. I did 7 years of treatment and IVF twice, being in the present, open, grateful, and calm was the difference for us. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and the continual linky support for 2014! Today I ask that the spirit of life me on me and in me, providing everything this baby and my body need to bring forth life to the glory of God. So dont allow them to tell you otherwise, if they still can’t see the baby just trust in God bcoz he has a better plan for us.
I think I’ll print those scriptures and put them around the house because I know the peace of God is the only thing that can carry me through this time of waiting. I will be praying for your home stretch that you will be filled with a peace that passes understanding.

I have been confessing the scriptures and declaration prayer I went to the Dr today and she said she could not see any thing clearly now in my uterus but it looks like something is going on there. As for me, I saw international doctor in Egypt who figured out that my low progesterone level was the cause for those miscarriages. A few of you have shared with me personally that you are battling fear as you walk through your pregnancy. I am wishing each of you the best and ask that you would indeed pray for me to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
I remember the more honest I was with God about how I was feeling, the closer to Him I began to feel and it really helped me walk through my last pregnancy.
Thank you again for pointing me to the word of God… I will be using the printable and praying! Hilgers (he is an MD) research is aiding so many couples, but alas not many secular physicians or even mainstream for that matter will consider his work because there is so much money to be made in in-vitro, etc.

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