Robitussin help get pregnant

The best time for a woman to take Robitussin is going to be about five days before she is expected to ovulate as well as the date of ovulation. It is important to note that the presence of cervical mucus or the health of the mucus is required when you are trying to become pregnant. Another type of cervical mucus can actually hinder the sperm from getting to the egg at all. This may make Clomid ineffective for women who are trying to become pregnant, but some have found that taking Robitussin can help tremendously and solve the problem. You should take Robitussin five days before you are scheduled to ovulate and on the day of ovulation.
Clomid, Preseed and Robitussin can add up to the perfect storm when it comes to conception. Though it might sound crazy, regular old Robitussin can be helpful for fertility when you are taking Clomid.
The active ingredient in the plain Robitussin is guaifenesin and it contains about 100 mg of it per teaspoon.
If this dosage does not help with your cervical mucus, an individual can take as many as four teaspoons (400 mg) four times per day. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.

As a woman gets closer and closer to the time when she is fertile, her cervical mucus will become slippier and thin; similar to the yolk of an egg. You should continue taking Robitussin for about two or three days following your positive reading. While cough medicine wont’ necessarily increase your chances of becoming pregnant, it can definitely create an environment in which sperm can thrive and have a good chance of reaching the egg and fertilizing it. These three might sound like an unlikely trio when it comes to getting pregnant, but these three things can actually add up to the perfect storm when it comes to conception. This is because when taking Clomid, you already know that it can decrease the amount and quality of your cervical mucus, making it harder for you to get pregnant. A woman needs fertile cervical mucus in order to help transport sperm from the vagina to the uterus. It is extremely important that you avoid Robitussin (or any cough syrup) that contains a decongestant like Robitussin-D.
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! One of the most popular things that women have said helped them to become pregnant is cough syrup. In fact, Clomid can stimulate ovulation in up to 80 percent of women who take it, and up to 40 percent of those women will become pregnant.

However, Robitussin (or any cough syrup with Guafensien as its active ingredient) can actually have a positive effect on cervical mucus. Since this improves your chances of becoming pregnant, many women take Robitussin while they are trying to conceive for this reason. Just like it loosens and thins other mucus in the body to help with coughs and colds, Robitussin can actually thin the cervical mucus as well, and can increase cervical mucus production. Furthermore, thick cervical mucus can actually block sperm from being able to get past the vagina and to the uterus in order to fertilize the egg.
There are also some theories that Robitussin DM may be linked to birth defects and cleft palate. The medicine to help stimulate ovulation and get pregnant can actually damage cervical mucus.
Interestingly enough, thickening the cervical mucus is actually how some hormonal birth control prevents pregnancy from occurring.
Preseed can help to make up for the lack of cervical mucus that comes along with Clomid, and using the two together can be a great idea for women who are trying to conceive.

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