Rhythm method to avoid pregnancy

A recent government survey released on Wednesday, June 2, stated that a growing number of teenage girls rely on the rhythm method as their primary form of birth control. In their report, The Associated Press said perhaps this is the reason teen pregnancy rates, which dropped earlier in the decade, were no longer dropping like they were in the past. There are a number of things wrong with the rhythm method as a viable form of birth control, whether you’re a teen having sex, or an adult outside of a committed relationship. The second part of the rhythm method form of birth control suggests sperm can only survive inside a woman’s body for 72-hours.

Aside from the above-mentioned complicated calculations, the rhythm method does not protect either person from sexually transmitted diseases. Also stated in the survey details was a note that many teen girls think there is nothing wrong with unwed pregnancy. If you aren’t quite sure when the egg was released, triggering ovulation, there is a huge window of time during which you may become pregnant if you do not use any other form of birth control. This doesn’t just apply to teenagers, but to anyone who may have multiple sexual partners and no desire to become pregnant.

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