Red bull and trying to get pregnant

You're probably getting a lot of tips from colleagues, friends or your mother now that you're trying to get pregnant.
Vitamin C can protect the sperm's DNA from getting damaged and helps enhancing the sperm's quality. If you know you're about to ovulate and sex is on the table, make sure your male counterpart has ejaculated recently.
If you've been trying for over a year if you're under 36 or 6 months if you're over, see a doctor.
In the next five to six hours your body reduces the content of caffeine in the bloodstream by half.
You will start to feel withdrawal symptoms including headaches, irritability and constipation between 12 to 24 hours.
Being overweight has an overall negative effect on your health, not to mention your potential of getting pregnant. That way, you'll know when you should have your period, when your last period was, and when you should probably be ovulating. Between the next 15 to 45 minutes the stimulant starts to improve your concentration levels and keeps you alert 'Red Bull has a pH of 3.3 - the same as vinegar. So whatever you're taking (be it a pill, ring, or patch), cease using it well before you start trying to conceive.

Smoking does not only affect your fertility, it also could damage your unborn baby if you do get pregnant. They'll probably do a full exam, go over your medical history, and address any issues at hand. You'll notice more of the slippery white stuff when you get closer and closer.[5] Be diligent though, as slight changes can be hard to detect. You don't have to make much of a leap to understand that it messes with your baby-making skills, too.[1] So step off the baby-making anxiety train and have fun. This means that it takes this many hours for your body to reduce the caffeine content in your bloodstream by 50 per cent. In fact, this year the European Food Safety Authority reaffirmed the safety of energy drinks and their ingredients. So play it safe and stick to the one morning espresso or the one Red Bull & vodka at night.
In fact, some research shows that caffeine actually impairs our ability to think creatively.'Coffee and tea are a far better way to go.
Interestingly, caffeine seems to be good for the liver and coffee consumption has been linked to lower rates of liver disease and liver cancer. We think we know when our sugar levels are high or low, but we usually can't. 'Eating a meal makes us feel tired for other reasons, and we do get a comedown from caffeine, which can start around this time.

All of this can mean we are not allowing our bodies to function properly, and end up relying on energy drinks.We are pushing our bodies beyond their natural capability, pretending like we are some kind of super humans who don't need to rest and nourish our bodies. The caffeine causes us to switch off from our bodies many cries for rest and nutrition, depriving it of its basic needs.Caffeine is addictive meaning that the more you drink, the more you crave, and the further you are pushing your body out of balance. A chemical in the brain, called adenosine, plays an important role in how tired we feel - it tends to build up throughout the day, causing us to get sleepy in the evening. Caffeine is a crafty drug that temporarily blocks adenosine pathways, giving you a boost while allowing 'feel good' molecules in the brain (such as dopamine) to be released more readily. The raised blood pressure from the caffeine puts strain on your heart, blood vessels and kidneys increasing your chances of cardiovascular and renal conditions.The sugar is raising your blood glucose levels, causing your pancreas to release insulin.
It also causes us to store fat around your middle.After the caffeine has worn off, you are likely to be feeling tired and may experience low moods. This constant yo-yoing of energy and sugar does not lead to productive and sustained work, exercise, or whatever you are using the energy drink for.

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