Ready to get pregnant quiz

Based on your answers, your profile will be analysed by psychoanalyst Catherine Audibert to shed some light on the questions to ask yourself before deciding if you're ready to have a baby. Find out what you should know before making the decision to have a baby and whether you're really ready to take that big step. So before you start trying for that little bundle of joy, take our 15-question quiz to find out if the time is right. Hormones make cervical mucus clear and slippery (like an egg white) to help sperm swim when your egg is ready to be fertilized.

Because sperm can survive for a few days inside your body, having sex before ovulation can help you get pregnant. When it comes to getting pregnant (or its kissing cousin, not getting pregnant), everybody’s a self-proclaimed expert. Studies have found that drinking alcohol during pregnancy, even the early stages, can cause birth defects.
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