Problems getting pregnant two periods a month

The menstrual period lasts between two days and seven days, usually occurring once every 28 days, although anything from once every 24 days to once every 35 days is considered normal. If you are having a period more than once every 24 days, it is considered an irregular cycle. Having a period once every two weeks, or twice a month is abnormal and you should see your doctor because you may become anemic if you are having very frequent periods. The cause of having two periods in one month and the reason for your weight gain must be identified.
Hello, I'm fifteen years old, and I've been consistently having periods twice a month for maybe three months now. I am glad that you have not developed iron deficiency anemia, but having two periods a month is no fun and the cause needs to be found. I am 14 and started my period around 1.5 years ago and recently I have had a period and then only 12 days later I have had another period.
Ailsa Frank, 48 had constant periods from the age of 13 until she had a hysterectomy at 42No woman would describe her monthly period as something to look forward to. Getting pregnant quicker depends on making sure sperm meet egg at the right time in your cycle. Maybe you're just really eager to get pregnant, or maybe you want your baby's birth to happen at a specific time. I went on the pill to solve the problem but came off because I did not like the side effects .I've had an ultrasound and nothing was wrong.

For most, the whole unpleasant episode is mercifully over within a few days, and passes with just a little fuss and discomfort.For an extremely unfortunate minority, however, the menstrual cycle is a constant problem — quite literally. In fact, for Ailsa, who has a grown-up daughter, it took more than 20 years of suffering before she eventually gave in and had a hysterectomy, at the age of just 42.She'd begun her periods when she was 13, and had problems from the start. Much like a pregnancy test, you urinate on a small stick, which indicates when you are close to ovulation. Here are four tricks to make it more likely that you'll conceive soon after you start trying.(You'll dramatically reduce the risk of certain birth defects if you begin taking folic acid at least one month before you start trying to conceive.
I also gained alot of weight.and along with blood there is also water coming during periods. They bleed not for three, four or five days but for weeks at a time, making every day the time of the month.It can leave some socially isolated, their sex lives in ruins — not to mention anaemic. I don't understand why I'm getting such frequent periods, and it worries me because it conflicts with my swim team obligations. What's more, in many cases the medical establishment struggles to diagnose a specific problem, leaving them with no option but to resort to a hysterectomy to end their suffering.Ailsa Frank, a 48-year-old self-help author and hypnotherapist is one such woman.
I suffered a lot of pain, bad cramps and sometimes migraines which would leave me in bed for days,' she says.'I did nine hours of ballet classes a week and having such long periods would make this difficult. When my son was five months old, I still hadn't stopped bleeding so I went for a laparoscopy and was told I had polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.'The doctors suggested I try the contraceptive depo provera injection, which would either stop my periods or make them lighter.
So if you have a very regular cycle, you can estimate your date of ovulation by subtracting two weeks from the date of your next expected period.

For a few days after your period, your cervical fluid may be dry or sticky, then it starts to get wetter. The problem was annoying but every time I visited the GP from the ages of 13 to 16, he said I would grow out of it.
I was lucky to get two days clear every month.'I couldn't take my baby out too far because I was scared of accidents. I went back to my GP who referred me for another laparoscopy but this time they couldn't see any problems.'My husband Will and I knew we wanted a third baby but trying to figure out when I was fertile was impossible. One of the arrows has to hit the bull's-eye in order for you to get pregnant.Since you ovulate once each menstrual cycle, there are only a few days out of each cycle when sex can actually lead to pregnancy. It took about a year to get pregnant and, after that birth, the problem was worse than ever.'Lottie Moore, a 45-year-old self-employed life coach from Thame, Oxfordshire, has struggled with constant bleeding since her mid-teens. I went back on the Pill but my periods became sporadic and heavy and not only that, but my health went downhill and I was suffering dreadful fatigue.'I saw a gynaecologist privately who said I had an oestrogen deficiency caused by premenstrual syndrome. Our article about predicting ovulation walks you through them.If you notice that you have irregular periods over the course of several months, pinpointing ovulation could be difficult. I went to the same GP for ten years and it was only when I went to a new doctor that the subject of hysterectomy came up and that's when my problem was sorted.

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