Pregnant women need to keep the lap belt

The lap belt should rest low and flat on the tops of the thighs; this ensures that the lap belt will start and stay on the strong hip bones. While there is a pregnant crash dummy, it is not sophisticated enough to determine whether seat belt positioning devices for pregnant women could be harmful. Below are two, of unfortunately many, examples of these positioning devices; we have highlighted the risks they could pose to mom and baby.

With regard to products like the Pixie Pregnancy Seat Belt that try to change how the shoulder belt rests, it is important to note that real world evidence does not point to the shoulder belt being a problem.
There are ZERO government safety standards or crash test standards for seat belt positioning devices (despite the exceptionally crafty marketing on many of these) and most have a high probability of endangering both you and your unborn baby.
Most of these positioning devices haven’t been tested with the pregnant dummy either.

It appears that the dummy used in the Pixie testing is a male crash dummy that they then stuffed to create breasts and a bump.

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