Pregnant woman thrown to ground by police

Questions are being asked in California as to why an innocent eight-months pregnant woman was thrown to the ground and brutally arrested, after the scene captured on the body camera of one of the attending officers was published on social media. Police were called to the scene in January after a white woman complained of an altercation with mother-of-one Michelle Cooks involving the two womens’ cars as they dropped their children off at school.
In the footage, published on YouTube by human rights group American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, the car is not damaged. The woman's arrest was wrongful, ACLU attorney Jessica Price told television news channel CNN. The city of Barstow police department has denied racial profiling, but has launched an internal investigation after the release of the body cam video.
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Questions have been mounting since the release of a video showing police throwing a pregnant woman onto the ground in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. As CBS 2’s Matt Kozar reported, the woman, Sandra Amezquita, said she is now worried for her unborn son.

In the video, an officer is seen throwing Amezquita, who is about five months pregnant, to the ground. Speaking through an interpreter, Amezquita, 44, said she was trying to stop police from arresting her teenage son, Jhohan Lemos, who she said was being targeted. In a YouTube video, Amezquita showed a cut to her belly that her attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, came from a police baton called an ASP. Dennis Flores, of the local police watch group El Grito de Sunset Park, said Amezquita was trying to stop police from harassing her teenage son for his prior robbery arrest from a year ago. Flores, who released the video of the incident Tuesday, said police set Lemos up and Amezquita jumped in because she felt her son was being unfairly targeted.
Police said Lemos was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest and harassment. Police said Lemos’ father and the other man got involved in the altercation, and assaulted an officer.

The incident happened less than a week after another police officer in Sunset Park was allegedly caught kicking a fruit vendor while police were holding him on the ground. And certainly a pregnant woman—any woman—should not be treated the way she was,” Rubenstein said at a news conference Wednesday. The video also shows officers throwing another woman to the ground after she tried to interfere.

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