Pregnant woman runs track

Alysia Montano, left, who is 34 weeks pregnant, competes in the quarterfinals of the 800 meters in the U.S.
Women have been running pregnant for years now.But Alysia Montano took it to another level. Before Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon in 1967, there were many myths floating around about women and long distance running, including that they were "too fragile" to run that far. The 28-year-old former track star finished last in her heat, but according to ESPN, nobody cared. Based on what I’ve read from the CDC, American Pregnancy Association, and SPCA, changing the litter box is actually fine. Super-happy for Alysia, but also jealous… between the mild SPD I have this time around, the pregnancy asthma, and the referral pain from my SI joint, just walking is an effort some days. THings that were VERY REAL THREATS during my pregnancy included carrying groceries and pumping gas. I make the kids carry the groceries…However, I am entering my 8th month of pregnancy today, and last month, I went with the family for a week of hiking.

Montano, who’s nearly eight months pregnant with her first child, competed in an 800-meter race at this year’s US track and field championships this past Thursday, June 26. If you are having a healthy pregnancy and are fit to begin with – this proves that you have endless options when it comes to choosing what you can and cannot physically tackle.
My husband’s aunt has never been pregnant and never has owned a cat and she still got Toxoplasmosis so I guess you can never prevent everything anyway. I got shamed by my aquafit instructor when I was pregnant with my first about changing the litterboxes.
While some were critical, many were inspired by her example of defying convention and pushing against perceived limits of what's "normal" for a pregnant women.Granted, Montano's pace wasn't anywhere near her personal best (She's been the 800-meter national champion the past four years).
When other runners and spectators found out I was pregnant, they met me with astonishment, surprise, awe and complete support.”Ms. I have slowed down a bit in the past month, but exercise is therapy for me, and I think it has helped me be able to keep up with everything this pregnancy. A big man, a huge man, with bared teeth was set to pounce, and before I could react he grabbed my shoulder and flung me back, screaming, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” Then he swiped down my front, trying to rip off my bib number, just as I leapt backward from him.This year, over 14,000 women competed in the Boston Marathon alongside nearly 18,000 men.

She’s officially obliterated the myth that pregnant women are fragile beings who cannot handle physical activity. Malcahy show just how far perceptions have come about what pregnant woman can accomplish.While I didn’t run during my pregnancy last year, just a week before my daughter was born, I hiked five miles in Breakheart Reservation in Saugus, Mass. Colleen Murphy Smith was six and a half months pregnant when she made her way through the Boston suburbs to downtown Boylston Street. For me, it helped clear my head, feel comfortable in my body with all the changes it was going through, and reconnect with my husband.I’ll never forget how I held his hand and rubbed my belly as I weaved through the trails with the sun glinting through the bare trees.

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