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The myth that pregnant women are allowed to pee anywhere they bloody well want, is also untrue. Local authorities have differing by-laws on public urination, but there is no specific provision in law for pregnant women to drop their knickers where they stand if they taken short. A pregnant woman who lost her baby after she was pushed to the ground and kicked may have been deliberately targeted, police have said. Police believe  some one closed to a 21-year-old lady hired two men to violently attack her until she lost her baby. A woman is in a critical condition after two men pushed her to the ground and stamped on her stomach, causing her to lose her unborn child in what police called an “abhorrent and vile attack”.

The 21-year-old victim, who has been identified as Malorie Bantala, was 32 weeks’ pregnant when she was attacked in Peckham, south-east London, on Monday evening. It very much just relies on the kindness of a police constable not minding having his hat full of pee. She was walking in Talfourd Place, a quiet residential area, when she was approached by two men wearing motorcycle helmets, police said. A member of the public called police and the victim was taken to a hospital in south London where she lost the foetus, according to police.
Mr Pack said the woman "possibly" knew her attackers and that murder detectives were handling the case due to the "sheer level of mercilessness involved".He said the two men were distinctive in their crash helmets and appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Det Ch Insp Robert Pack said police were investigating whether the woman was targeted by the assailants and were "treating it akin to murder"."This was a truly abhorrent and vile attack on a heavily pregnant woman who has now, tragically, lost her baby," he said.

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