Pregnant woman orangutan

Rajang, a 47-year-old orangutan, became "fixated" with Maisie Knight's bump during a visit to Colchester Zoo. A video of an orangutan kissing a pregnant woman's belly through the glass of his cage has gone viral.
Maisie Knight, 23, was 37 weeks pregnant when she and partner Jamie Clark visited Colchester Zoo earlier this month. In this incredible video, a couple visit Rajang the Orangutan at the Colchester Zoo and are amazed by what happens when the 37 week pregnant lady approaches the enclosure. This amazing encounter proves just how much like us orangutans really are – and the incredible depth of their intelligence and understanding. The orangutan, who was in a glass enclosure, repeatedly kissed the belly of a pregnant woman.

A couple was at the zoo when they got close to an orangutan named Rajang who was inside a glass enclosure for safety. The 37-week-old pregnant woman placed her belly against the glass and the sweet moment that no one expected happened. The woman’s husband tried to put his belly and his hand to the glass to check if it would get the same response from the orangutan but the animal's attention was fixated on the woman's belly.
Jay Clarke, the husband of the pregnant woman, uploaded the video on YouTube video, saying that it was "truly a special animal that has touched our hearts". COLCHESTER, England, July 27 (UPI) -- A visitor to England's Colchester Zoo recorded the moment an orangutan put his face to the glass to kiss his partner's pregnant belly. Jay Clarke, who posted to video to YouTube, said he was visiting the zoo July 13 with his partner, who was 37 weeks pregnant, when they noticed Rajang the orangutan was fascinated by the woman's pregnant belly.

The woman put her belly against the glass and Rajang kissed it twice and stroked the glass lovingly with his hand. Zookeepers said Rajang, who is part Bornean and part Sumatran orangutan, was hand-raised by keepers after his mother died when he was only one month old.
The Orangutan very quickly become fixated with her pregnant belly and kisses it through the glass.
But the orangutan showed a surprising interest in belly of the woman, who happened to be pregnant.

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