Pregnant woman obama

President Obama jumped to the rescue of a pregnant woman who started to faint during one of his interminable speeches.
Prospective Affordable Care Act beneficiary Karmel Allison became wobbly towards the end of Mr Obama's 25 minute speech at the White House todayJust in time, the President turned around and caught her before she fainted'I got you. A few hours after her turn, she told CNN she was 'feeling much better' and that she thought dehydration may have caused her to feel lightheaded during the event.'I'm 20 weeks pregnant at this point and I hadn't had that much to drink that morning because I was worried about possibly needing to go to the bathroom during the speech,' she said in a phone interview.

He told stories of now-covered Americans who had once been denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions.'The essence of the law, the health insurance that's available to people, is working just fine,' Mr Obama said. The woman was escorted away for medical assistance as the crowd applauded Mr Obama's quick reaction.

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