Pregnant woman knocked to ground

Even worse is that she tells the officers over and over that she's pregnant and doesn't want to hurt her baby, but they don't let up on the roughness at all. But, if you'll remember, the police officer in this video told the first woman that no crime was committed.
Fice months pregnant: Officers appeared unfazed by her obvious pregnancyAfter she hit the ground and some men came to her aid, she appeared to have some problems standing.'You broke her arm! May 28, 2015 A video has emerged of a pregnant woman being thrown to the ground and arrested in Barstow, California, for refusing to show her identification.

A newly released video shows two US police officers forcing a pregnant African-American woman to the ground while her hands behind her back for refusing to show her identification in California.
Then the ultimate happens, the officer slams the pregnant mother to the ground straddling her body and then pulling a taser on her belly.
Just when you think it couldn’t get worse a bystander tried to come to the rescue to make the officers understand that the lady is pregnant, watch the video as they shove her away, landing in the middle of the street. Just the week before, an officer allegedly kicked a man on the ground in the area during an arrest at a street fair.

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