Pregnant woman keychain

When you stop in front of one of the businessmen, he glances up and notices a small keychain on your purse.
I would have needed that in my first and second trimester when it wasn’t obvious that I was pregnant yet. If people see that you’re pregnant or need a seat, most of them will give up their seats here in Shenzhen.
Most American women I know worked as long as possible into their pregnancies (since they don’t get much time off work and would rather spend what time they do have with the new baby).
Morning sickness wasn’t much of an issue for me but I definitely felt tired if I had to stand or walk long at the end of my pregnancy.

It can be really hard to tell when some women are pregnant and I definitely don’t like to assume. A pregnancy badge (or maternity badge) is a small, circular metal and foam keychain that can be attached to bags, purses, or worn around the neck.
The Japanese women, in question, was wearing a somewhat tight fitting gold shirt with a black shawl, carrying a black purse. But like you said, you would be embarressed if you would have to ask for a seat, women are also embarressed to wears those badges. I doubt the pregnant women in the first and second trimester, themselves, are asking for the seat; IF (key word, IF) I were pregnant, I would be far too embarrassed to ask.

Each pregnancy key chain has the Japanese maternity logo on it – identical to the stickers you see on trains.

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