Pregnant woman hit by lightning

Static hair: Little Kimberly Gordon, pictured with her dad Ian Gordon, was born after her mother was struck by lightning.
There have been other sensational cases of pregnant women giving birth to healthy babies.In April 2012, Ohio's Kelly Lough was struck as she was getting into her husband's car, but doctors said the rubber soled shoes she was wearing saved her life. New Mexico baby struck by lightning recovering, has static hair One year after a pregnant woman was struck by lighting, her baby has neurological damage.

A pregnant woman who was struck by lightning calls it a miracle that her baby girl survived the shocking ordeal, but now a year later the toddler is still experiencing the effects from that night, according to KOAT.One-year-old Kimberly Gordon can't sit up, crawl or properly digest food due to the neurological damage from the lightning strike. Doctors said her unborn child was safe.In January 2012, Jezebel reported Stephanie Alberti was 13-weeks-pregnant when she was hit at the racetrack.

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